"Mrs. Debra Strobel has been providing the transcription for our medical office for nearly ten years, first as a DBA transcriptionist, and now as DLG Transcription Services, LLC. Over the years, we have found her service to be prompt, accurate, courteous, personable, and confidential. I heartily recommend the quality transcription services that DLG provides."

-Thomas Holmes, MD

"Debi Strobel provided transcription services to my office prior to the existence of DLG Transcribing. There are many reasons for my continuing association with Debi Strobel. Her work is exceptional. She is reliable, available, quick, and personable. In twenty years, I have had at least 100 crises where work needed to be done as soon as possible. I don't know how she manages it, but I always feel I am her number 1 client and she completes the work before I have a chance to begin worrying. She has always met my transcription needs with a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards me. Debi is an unusually gifted person in her field. I would recommend her services to anybody."

- Mark Vogel, PhD

"Wow! This is completely a win-win situation. We began using DLG in January of 2005. We wish we knew about DLG before that. The use of DLG Transcribing Services has dramatically improved our efficiency and productivity. Perhaps most importantly, our use of DLG's services has enabled our personnel to spend an increased amount of time on marketing and a decreased amount of time on actual production. Our excitement about DLG is not limited to our increased production and increased available time to further market our own business, but is also excitement about the quick turnaround time and reasonable expense for the use of DLG's services. Overall, a great job. Keep up the great work. By the way, we recommend DLG every chance we get."

- Leo Meccariello, Frontier Adjusters

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