We believe that our service is right for anyone who needs a transcription service they can count on. Our level of quality, digital capabilities, no overseas outsourcing policy, and our price make a perfect recipe for a successful relationship between our clients and us.

Our competitive pricing is based on a per-line price. A line is defined as 65 characters (spaces included).

Commitment To Excellence:
DLG demands a high level of quality from its transcriptionists. Our transcriptionists are professionals who take pride in the fact that they produce high-quality work.

DLG guarantees a 24 hour turnraround time. We also offer a STAT service that guarantees your transcription back within 4 hours. All you have to do is let us know that a particular dictation is needed STAT.

With the click of a button, we can make your transcription needs a simple reality.

It's important to note that DLG does more than just medical transcription. We will transcribe anything, including claims investigations, term papers, books, etc. Let us put our services to work for you!

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