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DLG Transcribing Services, LLC is the result of one woman's determination to not only work for herself, but also accomplish her dreams of helping others.

Debra Strobel (pictured above) has been a medical transcriptionist for more than 25 years. In 1996, after working several years for various hospitals and private practices, she felt compelled to "go out on her own". Working from her home she acquired just enough accounts to sustain her family's needs. Within just a few years she had developed an exemplary reputation in the industry, and the demand for her services increased.

Today, DLG Transcribing Services, LLC is located at the Eaton Center in Norwich, NY. The company now has several contracts with medical hospitals, private practices, various businesses, and also does overflow for other clients. It employs many transcriptionists, some part-time workers, has a quality control department, and a technology department. This growth would not have been possible without Debra's initial decision, and today's technology.

With most of our clients being spread out over many miles, our technology department has implemented digital dication software that enables our company to service customers anywhere. Should any problems arise, all of our clients have the assurance of our 24/7 technical support. With this, we are continually looking to expand, and are always prepared for new contracts.

Now, DLG Transcribing Services' goal is to be the leading transcription company in the Northeastern United States within the decade. We believe this goal is obtainable because of the quality we produce, and the personable relationships we build with our clients.

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